Mt. Shasta,CA  

Views from around the Mountain


The Many faces of Mt. Shasta

mt. Shasta volcano       mt. shasta volcano  
mt. shasta volcano
This is going up the road towards the ski bowl
I-5 north of weed
Northeast view
mt. shasta volcano
mt. shasta volcano
North of Mt. Shasta City off the freeway
North Weed
Northwest of Weed, back behind the college
mt. shasta volcano
mt. shasta volcano
North of Mt. Shasta City
mt. shasta volcano,ca
mt. shasta, ca
mt. shasta volcano,ca
View from Behind McCloud
Mt. Shasta reflected in Lake Shastina
Panthar Meadow Mt. Shasta
mt. shasta volcano
mt. shasta volcano
Panthar Meadow way up on the mountain, skiers paradise
This is northeast of Weed, back by Granada
Back to the west on the other side
mt. shasta volcano
mt. shasta volcano
mt. shasta volcano
Northeast of Weed, a mystical look
This sunset and lenticular ribbon efect was fantastic!
This cloud formed on Wesak, Buddha's Birthday
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
This view is north of Mt. Shasta city, a classic view
Back east behind the mountain, beautiful sunset
Wildly interesting clouds viewed at North Mt. Shasta City
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
One beautiful day in the Fall, from I-5 before the city
A wild windy day blowing the dry snow off the mt.
Heading towards McCloud
Heart of Mt. Shasta,CA
mt. shasta volcano
Mt. Shasta Volcano,CA
This view has what we call 'The Heart of the' mountan
You will see this from I-5 north of Weed
Driving through Dunsmuir, suddenly you see!
Mt. Shasta,CA
mt. shasta,CA
mt. Shasta,CA
View from out around McArthur
This is the view coming down from Castle Lake
Northeast of Weed, going back hwy 197

Sept 15th, 2012 from I-5


A Love Affair


How can one have
       a love affair....
               with a mountain?

Wanting to lay your cheek
        on downy slopes
feeling the coolness
              lingering there.

Needing to touch, to run
        your fingers down
              craggy projections,
experiencing the rough texture
        thrusting through
                celestial clouds.

To go into a timeless space
         floating with the winds
            circling, caressing
mystical hidden peaks,

Like a Shakespearean drama,
      the roles change from
          moment to moment...
and you are caught up in each
            afraid to move, to breathe
                 not wanting to miss
....magical innuendos....
         as the curtain falls.

Then, warm spring breezes playfully
              tease you, nudgingly
and tiny ants push you away
   ............from their view,
you leave, reluctantly,
            vowing to come back
again and again.

Memorizing the imprint of your
        beloved Mt. your mind


Kay Ekwall©2004

View from Mccloud as mill workers go to work

Old postcards that show McCloud millworkers and loggers




Black Butte

Castle Crags

Castle Lake

Lake Siskiyou

Lake Shastina

Lava Tubes

Glass Mountain

Shasta Dam

McCloud Falls

HedgeCreek Falls

Burney Falls

Lake Britton

Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl

Top of the Mountain

Squaw Valley Creek Trail

Wild Flowers at the top of Mt. Shasta

North Weed Hwy and rest stop leading to Weed

North View from Louis Road south

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