Mt. Shasta,CA  

Shasta Dam

Shasta Dam
shasta Dam,Ca
these shots taken Sept 2012
Shasta Dam,CA   Shasta Dam,CA   Shasta Dam,CA

Shasta Dam was called Kennett Dam because of the Kennett Mining town that was covered up by the rising waters after its construction.It is an arch dam across the Sacramento River. The dam mainly serves long-term water storage and flood control in its reservoir, Shasta Lake, and also generates hydroelectric power. At 602 feet (183 m) high, it is the ninth-tallest dam in the United States and forms the largest reservoir in California. The dam was finished in 1945 but was thought
of in 1919 and started in 1937. The dam provides electricity, water storage and also flood control. There is more detailed information on Wikipedia here.



Shasta Dam,CA power plant

Shasta Dam,CA   Shasta Dam,CA   Shasta Dam,CA
Images now 2014 with the drought
  Attribution: California Dept of Water Resources
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Ariel view north of Redding and Shasta City, CA

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