Mt. Shasta,CA  

HedgeCreek Falls

HedgeCreek Falls, Dunsmuir, CA
Hedge Creek Falls sign
mt. Sjasta and the Sacramento River
The sign at the entrance to the falls
This is a little picnic and barbeque area
You can see the river and Mt. Shasta at the entry
Hedge Creek Falls,Ca
Hedge Creek Falls,Ca
Hedge Creek Falls,Ca
This is such a lovely trail down to the falls
Hedge Creek Falls,Ca
Hedge Creek Falls, Siskiyou County,CA
Almost there, just a short walk
The Falls are fairly high, with a cave behind them
One example of some flora on the rocks
Hedge Creek Falls Trail  

HedgeCreek Falls is at the northern part of Dunsmuir,
California. I discovered this when I lived there in the
80's and it was such a nice spot to go for an easy walk
and get away from the heat.
Sometimes the water was quite spetacular when there
had been plenty of rainfall or snow melt-off, but it
was always a delightful retreat.

I roamed around on the other side of the falls too, and
found I could get to a tucked away falls down by the
railroad tracks that not many people can make it too.
There is not a trail but you have to wander in the
general direction, it is called "Moss Brae Falls".

There is more information to be found here

  Hedge Creek Falls,Ca    
The Trail going back out, cool, leafy and lovely      
Here is my friend Fancis
Hedge Creek Falls,Ca
Hedge Creek Falls, Siskiyou County,CA
Hedge Creek Falls, Siskiyou County,CA
Francis standing beside the falls so you can see a ratio

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