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Castle Lake

Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta, CA
Castle Lake is on the west side of Mt. Shasta City, on the upper side of Lake Siskiyou and is a glacial Lake. The waters drain into Castle Lake Creek and then into Lake Siskiyou
and is a favorite place for vacationers, campers, boaters and in some winters, ice skaters. The road can be impossible to get to however during some large snow storms and is closed
some parts of winters. I remember going up to the lake whne I was growing up, especially one trip with my cousins, and the road was still a simple dirt and gravel road which seemed
to take so very long. We even came across a rattle snake in the road which my cousin killed. The lake had boats there at that time and a dock with swimmers. It is one of my favorite memories
even though we got horrible sunburned being on the water so long and at that altitude with the thinner air.





Castle Lake is home as well to the Castle Lake Limnological
Research Station affiliated with the University of California at
Davis (UC Davis), which uses the site for study and to teach
limnology courses (in conjunction with the University of
Nevada, Reno).


It is approximately 7 miles on a good road now, easily driven
from Lake Siskiyou . About 3 mi (4.8 km) from the lake,
along this road, are Ney Springsand Faery Falls. There are
hiking trails and a campground.

More information can be found from Wikipedia here

Here are a couple of little videos I took that day too!

castle Lake,Ca   Castle Lake,CA        



Here are a couple of little videos I took that day too!

Black Butte

Castle Crags

Lava Tubes

Glass Mountain

McCloud Falls

HedgeCreek Falls

Burney Falls

Lake Britton

Mt. Shasta Ski Bowl

Top of the Mountain

Wild Flowers at the top of Mt. Shasta

Views of Mt. Shasta from surrounding areas


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